About Me

Now I will bore you with my profile. LOL.
Saya, pemilik dan pelaksana KuCrochet Yarn Shop, namanya adalah Dee. I am a crochet enthusiast, a contract osteoarchaeologist dan juga part-time Ind-Eng x Eng-Ind translator. Saya dikenalkan dengan dunia crochet sejak Muatan Lokal SMP dan harus wajib kudu mesti berterimakasih kepada Ibu Hesty Hutabarat yang dengan sabar mengajarkan kerajinan ini agar lolos dari mata pelajaran tersebut. But, little that she knows, I am hooked. Memang sempat berhenti mengerjakan crochet, karena harus meniti “karir” dan menyelesaikan “kuliah”. Tapi, pada akhirnya, saya kembali ke crochet di tahun 2011.
Setelah lama absen, untuk memulai kembali adalah sangat-sangat challenging. Khususnya, ketika kemudian saya tau bahwa dunia crochet adalah satu dunia besar yang sangat universal, lengkap dengan keanekaragaman teknik, bahasa, dan bentuk. Dulu, saya hanya belajar karena diberikan contoh mengerjakan double crochet dan single crochet dan chain. Saya TIDAK bisa membaca pola sama sekali. Waktu luang yang cukup banyak membuat saya bisa catch up dengan ketinggalan di dunia crochet. Nope, I didn’t even pay to learn how to crochet. I guess it has always been in my nature to find free things that could enrich my experience in life. So, I headed to Youtube.
I love crocheting!
In a way it is an outlet to express myself, which is very hard to do in office environment (too much conflict of interests). In crochet I found solace, freedom, and self gratitude. That is why I do not believe that crochet is limited with regulations or norms. Crochet is free, crochet is freedom. Everybody should be able to express themselves with crochet, no matter which yarn you are using or which hook size you want to get.
My bad habits are:
1. Switching languages — in whatever media I am using. Either Indonglish or Engdonesian. No matter. I always switch or mix languages. So, I apologise for that.
2. Postponing WIPs. For the love of God, I have piles and piles of WIPs from two years ago waiting to happen! LOL
3. Falling in love too soon – with yarns. Yes, this is a curse, a common curse.
According to Blogthings.com, I am:
1. A THOUGHTFUL IDEALIST. I am scared of new experiences. It’s hard for me to break outside of my comfort zone. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how people see me. I am kind of scared to know what they think. I am a very romantic person. I can’t help but see the world as it should be. Right now,  I feel very trapped in my life. I often feel like there is no way out of my rut. Overall, my life is very peaceful – if not a little solitary. Much of what goes on goes on in my head. I am extremely optimistic about the future. I feel like things are always getting better.
I am a creator of sorts, but I am also a reframer and remixer. I see art everywhere. I am a
great appreciator of traditional beauty, but I also appreciate art that’s a bit more obscure. I love things that are different, even if they are an acquired taste. I don’t think of art as purely hedonic. I like to see the world from a new perspective, and art gives me that –
even if that perspective is my own.
3. I Should WRITE A BOOK.
I may not feel like I could write a book, but I actually have a lot to say. Just let it flow! I already live in my own little world. I may as well introduce everyone else to it. It’s likely that I feel like I have a lot of baggage I’d like to unload, and writing can be cathartic. By
writing a book, I would feel a huge sense of accomplishment. And I’d have a legacy to leave behind.
4. I should visit FIRENZE if I am in Italy.
I am not a tourist… I am a traveler. I am the type of person who likes to immerse myself in a place. I take living like a local seriously. I may not visit the highlights of a place, but I come away with a deep understanding of it. Florence is perfect for me because it’s small enough to live like a local… and even get to know a few. If I want to eat, dress, speak, and even love like an Italian, then Florence is the city for me!
*so true! I have always loved Tuscany’s sun!
5. My dominant personality trait is: INQUISITIVENESS.
I am an imaginative and curious person. I am excited to learn about the world. I am interested in all sorts of topics. I like to understand history and how things work. I am both a tinkerer and an intellectual. I probably enjoy working with my hands and more passive activities like reading. I have many interests and hobbies… and I am always looking to take on a new one.
6. My blogging personality is: PENSIVE and PHILOSOPHICAL.
I blog like no one else is reading… I to use my blog to explore ideas – often in long winded prose. Easy going and flexible, I tend to befriend other bloggers easily. But if they disagree with once too much, I’ll pull them from my blogroll!
My ideas are very strange, and people often wonder what planet I am from. And while I may have some problems being “normal,” I’ll have no problems writing sci-fi. Whether it’s epic films, important novels, or vivid comics… My own little universe could leave an important mark on the world!
– based on What Type of Writer Should You Be? 

8. My Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP)

My personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm. Only about 7%
of all people have my personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men.
I am Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.
– based on How Rare is Your Personality?

9. I am More Yin

– based on Are You More Yin or Yang?

10. I am in My Musical 40

I love music as much as I love some of my friends, and my taste in music doesn’t waver much these days. I likely listen to the artists I grew up with, and as time goes on, I think
their old music gets better and better. I probably have a great collection of music. While I add to it from time to time, I am pretty satisfied with what I have. While my taste in music is broad, it has mellowed and become more emotional over the years. I have the right song for every mood.
– based on How Old Is Your Taste in Music?

11. My Rock Anthem is “I Give Love a Bad Name”
I am a heartbreaker, and I can’t help it. I were born to break hearts! I fall in love easily…but not as easily as other people fall in love with I. Over time, I usually lose interest, and I never hesitate to give a flame the boot. I may give love a bad name, but I am having fun doing it!
– based on What is Your Rock Anthem?


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