Scheepjes Whirl Craze

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Good morning!

After a long careful thought, I decided to join the craze of crocheting with Scheepjes Whirl yarn. This yarn is so effin’ expensive, but I think it is worth the savings that I have at the moment, only to have one Dragon Belly Shawl made out of it. Also after long and very very hard thinking, I cast my option to Rosewater Cocktail Whirl. I will have to wait until May arrive, though, because I asked a colleague of mine who is coming over to Indonesia, to make the purchase and lessen the shipping fee through Rascol website.


Rosewater Cocktail Whirl by Scheepjes
Rosewater Cocktail Whirl by Scheepjes

I am a member of Scheepjes Whirl Creations! group on Facebook and I have gotten too many options on which Whirl I want to have. I know that I need to choose wisely because the yarn will cost me nearly half a million Rupiah to buy. So, I did some research on how each colourway would look like when they are knitted or crocheted by simply searching keywords on the group posts. At first, I stumbled upon Turkish Delight Whirl, because it is shades of purple-fuchsia-and everything in between. But when I saw how it turn out as people are crocheting with it, I thought, “Hey, I already dyed that colourway before and made a leafy pattern from Mypicot #2060.” #notliula

778 Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight Whirl by Scheepjes

And then, I looked at Green Tea Ripple, Dandelion Munchies, and some more colourways before I set my option to Rosewater Cocktail. I really hope the yarn is worth the price and the hardships that I went through for choosing the perfect colourway. Errata: there never is a perfect colourway. Every colourway is always as enticing as the other. In the meantime, I have to be very very patient on waiting for May 2018 to arrive. Although I will not be able to open my shop during that month, but I will have a Whirl in my hand. Perhaps, this is the 300k spending that I won’t regret.


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