Corbin Mandala Crochet Tutorial

First published: 12/11/2014 23:34
Wooooot woooot!
As I have posted on Instagram a few days back, I am inspired by @maritparit by her mandala works (visit her here) and I decided to learn to design mandalas. My works would not be as delicate as hers, and colour choices might vary as well. She was just too brilliant to be copied, not that it is my intention to copy. Heeeggh, no! Plagiarism is not cool, even if this is not the academic or scientific world. I began to design and came up with three of new designs, made by yours truly. Yay… As it goes along, designing mandala is not as difficult as I had feared of. As long as you stick to the rules of circular crochet, you can do your own design.
And following Marit’s advice to keep trying and not forgetting to record my designs, I decided to post my first three designs here in the blog. 🙂 Here it goes:
Meet Corbin Mandala.

This is actually my third design attempt. I will definitely post the first and second one, later. Because I have this in my hand and the pattern is still fresh, so I don’t want to waste it. Heheh. I made this last night, while re-watching the second season of Sleepy Hollow, my favourite TV series. It was the episode where Sheriff Corbin’s son turned into a Wendigo. Ugghhh, awesome TV. The name “Corbin” just stuck in my head, so yeah… here it is: Corbin Mandala. LOL.
I also wanted to train my skill with Adobe Illustrator, as I have not been using it for a while now that I do not edit or do the layouts for archaeological reports, and made a chart pattern for this mandala. Feel free to use the pattern or save the image, but please do credit back to me. I imagine this pattern would be awesome for tabletop or large bedspread, and you can also do the join-as-you-go technique at the very last round of this pattern. I love join-as-you-go, that is why I designed it to be joinable (! joinable is NOT a word) at the last round.
I will continue this post with a step by step picture tutorial too, but we have got to wait because my camera is out of battery. Tsk! I am charging now… plus, it’s late too, maybe I will do it tomorrow. If you do try this pattern, send me your results’ pictures and I can put them up here in the blog too. 🙂

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